QMPC Community Garden

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Garden notes – Week of June 18th

On Sunday, there will be a garden meeting after service in the library. Please be there at 11:15a. Depending on how long it goes, we may defer picking to Wednesday.

On Wednesday, picking, weeding and possibly watering will begin at 5:30p.

Rain gauge read 0.3 inches

Today, Sunday, was the second lesson in the garden for Children’s Worship.

QMPC’s Summer 2017 STEAM’IN in the GARDEN!


After prayer, they read from the GREEN Bible: Matthew 22:36-39, and went into the lesson plan for the day which included cameras as the technology.

The meeting went well. Thank you all for coming.

June 21st

Rain gauge read 0.7 inches

Beans have sprouted! Both upper and lower beds of rows 3,4 and 5 are looking good. Some zucchini have already formed.

Notice the cluster in the bottom of the picture from last week’s hardest worker.


After picking all the beets in bed A, we dug around to see if we could find what was tunneling in there. Someone said they had done some research and it was probably chipmunks. We did not find them as we dug, but they probably live elsewhere and bed A is just the restaurant. However, we did find their 2 entry points at the bottom of the bed. So then it was decided, we should move some of the leaves that had collected there. That quickly escalated to re-positioning the bales of hay that have been sitting on the outside of bed B into a new compost section with the whole bales as the boarder and the loose hay pitched into the middle of it. In the process of that discussion, the compost in all 3 compost bins were added to the list of the middle pile.



To help keep any loose hay/compost from flying around, we placed a large wooden pallet on top of the middle section instead of a tarp to allow for water to flow in with the upcoming rain this weekend.

Today we picked onions, the last of the cabbage from beds 3 and 4, carrots, kale, and the broccoli we did not know we had. Total weight 24.43lbs for today.

Flowers! I think these are a kind of carnation…

Critters! Looks like another Japanese beetle. Unfortunately for it, we spotted it and that was the end of its story. He was trying really hard to hide.

Swallow tail butterfly caterpillar



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Garden notes – Week of June 11th

On Sunday, picking is at 11:15a

On Wednesday, picking, weeding and possibly watering will be at 5:30p.

Please join us at either of these times and enjoy some garden activity.

Today, Sunday, was the first lesson in the garden for Children’s Worship.

QMPC’s Summer 2017 STEAM’IN in the GARDEN!


After prayer, they read from the GREEN Bible: Matthew 22:36-39, and went into the lesson plan for the day which included artwork.

Rain gauge read 0 inches. 

Flowers abound

Pink yarrow and sweet william

Pink yarrow and lavender.

Cucumber seeds have sprouted. Update 6/14: So, apparently, the big cluster is a weed. It has met its fate by now. The 2 or 3 that are separate are the cucumbers.

In the evening, the entire garden was watered. Drip hose was ran 45 min for the upper beds and 45 min for the ground bed and by hand for the areas that do not have the hose. It seems like the rain that was forecasted did not reach our garden. The plan is to water again for around the same time on Tuesday evening.

Also the cabbage was dusted with dipel dust.

June 14th

Rain gauge read 0 inches

It has rained heavily in neighboring counties but we have not had any that can be measured. However, the LORD is faithful, Psalm 147:7-11. Today, the upper beds were drip hosed for 2 hours and the ground garden rows 1 and 2 were drip hosed for an hour. The rest of the plants were individually watered because they are sparse after harvest.


We picked cabbage, kale, carrots, beets with beet greens and sugar snap peas. Total harvest weight today was 97.8 lbs. We are almost halfway to the total amount we had last year!

This went to the Food Bank.

June 16th

Rain gauge read 0.3 inches

Rows 3, 4 and 5 were cleared of all plants to ready for planting of the beans. Some carrots from last year’s planting, a couple of cabbages that did not head and a plump radish…

…drip hoses pulled and the land rototilled…

… leaky drip hose was repaired and all 3 rows were re-layed…

… Jerusalem artichokes were pulled and replanted in the children’s bed. Hopefully they survive…

… planted Blue Lake pole beans in all 3 rows…

… our hardest worker. She planted half a bag in that spot. We watered by drip hose for about 2 hours to help the newly planted beans in their germination…

…also planted more zucchini in rows 1 and 2, more cantaloupes in beds 3 and 4 and more cucumbers in bed C. Since the cantaloupe seeds are about a year old, some did not germinate so they were replaced.

Tomatoes were suckered and tied. They are really growing fast.

Planted more flowers. Check out the xenia

And of course critters. These are Japanese beetles. Its not really clear but they have an iridescent greenish head and thorax. They destroy plants by eating the fleshy part of the leaf around the veins which gives the leave a netlike look, and also the fruit of the plant.

Our unwanted visitor in bed A has been back. We noticed that some of the beets are missing. No bulb with the greens. We really need to figure out and find.





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Garden notes – Week of June 4th

On Sunday, we will pick at 11:15a. Possibly water after

On Wednesday, we will pick, weed and, if more room has been created, plant some more at 5:30p.

This Sunday is Pentecost. We celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension. It is considered the birthday of the Church.

Rain gauge read 0 inches

Sunny 80 degree day today at picking time. It has not rained in a few days so we watered the zucchini and yellow squash seeds and seedlings. We are expecting some rain tonight and also tomorrow. Depending on how that goes, we may be watering the whole garden on Wednesday evening.

The harvest of cabbage this morning yeilded 14lbs.

This was taken to Salvation army.

Tomatoes were tied and a few were suckered. They are growing big and strong.

And more critters. I hazard a guess that this is a black swallow tail butterfly

Perhaps this is a milkweed bug? Anyone know?

June 7th

Rain gauge read 0.2 inches




…planting more zucchini and yellow squash and started planting cantaloupe…


…and flowers…


…watered the seeds and seedlings…


…irrigation buckets were installed in beds 3 and 4 before the cantaloupe seeds were planted and watered.


Harvesting for the day. We picked cabbage, carrots, sugar snap peas, beets with their greens. Total weight, 118.8 lbs! Wow!


This will be delivered to the Food Bank.

The swing got some love too. A bench cushion was brought in for a fitting. Dimensions will be adjusted and perhaps the fabric.


Starting next week, we will be having Children’s Worship in the garden. This will be the 2nd year we are doing this.

STEAM’IN in the garden… Calling all children!
Last year’s CHILDREN’S WORSHIP in the garden went so well we are offering it again! For 8 weeks this summer the Christian Education Committee, along with our gardening friends, invite the children of the church to come and enjoy Children’s Worship in the garden. We will have unique learning opportunities each week as we explore and discover God’s world through hands -on, creative activities. This year’s theme is… STEAM’IN in the garden . (no pun intended… we’ll pray for a breeze on the hill) A very important part of a childhood is allowing children to explore their curiosities and what a better way to do that this summer than in the garden! We will move through the weeks with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, and INtergenerational fun… all in the garden as we praise God. The scriptural theme we have for the summer is the response to the question, “ Which commandment is the first of all?” “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: “Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:28-
31 Come join us in the garden as we learn, wonder and ponder what loving God and neighbor looks like through the eyes of a child! ALSO…Included in these 8 weeks will be Sacrament Education with Pastor Bart and Mrs. Suzy. If there are any adults and youth that are interested in helping, please let Amy McCarty or Suzy Edwards know! See you there – June 11-July 30th.

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Garden notes – Week of May 28th

On Sunday, picking will be at 11:15a

On Wednesday, picking, weeding and watering, if needed, will be at 5:30p. Please join us, at either time, in giving thanks through harvest, for what God has provided.

Weather conditions will determine if this will change. Please check any and all contact options we have for you.

Rain gauge read 0 inches


Flowers from the garden were used in the sanctuary today during service.


We were picking lettuce when it started to rain. So we put together what we got with turnip greens that had been picked and collards that had been given for a total of 7.38lbs donated to Salvation Army. We will finish picking tomorrow morning.

May 29th

A wonderful harvest this morning! Lettuce and cabbage totaling 28lbs.

This was delivered to Salvation Army.

May 31st

Rain gauge read 0.2 inches

Planted zucchini squash and yellow squash seeds in rows 1 and 2 in the upper and lower beds.

Picked cabbage, carrots, kale, turnip greens, beets and beet greens. Totaled 78.2 lbs!!!

Measuring cabbage. Yes, its a bag full of cabbage. We’re gonna need a bigger scale Image result for shark emoji

Don’t these carrots look scrumptious

We have a pollinator!!! Can you see the bumble bee?

creepy crawlies. I don’t know what it is. If you do, please educate in the comments

cabbages bigger than our heads

Veggies in the trunk

pretty flower

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Garden notes – Week of May 21st

On Sunday, we are picking starting at 11:15a

On Wednesday we will be picking and weeding starting at 5:30p.

This week, these plans are dependent on forecast rain showers. If it is raining, the activities are cancelled. Please check the various forms of contact we have for you.


The back of the swing has been decorated!

We did not pick on Sunday or Wednesday.

May 24th

Mushrooms growing in the mulch


Pretty flowers


May 26th

Spontaneous proposition to put the swing together today. Complete the job in 1 hour.

😀 Success!!!

20170526_201912 (2)

Ok. So it took a little more than 2 hrs but we did it! Nuts, bolts, right side, left side, top, bottom, front, back, bumpers, washers, plastic thingies, hole alignments, hmmmmm,undo-switch-redo, alen wrenches, missing parts, dropped parts, searching the grass, righty-tighty-lefty-loosey, torque, spiders 😨, leveling, child testing, happy squealing, “push me higher”, exhale.  Glad the nay sayers, ahem this guy, did not win the day.

Rain gauge read 4 inches (measured from the night of the 19th to today)

Also, we discovered that we may have a guest in our A bed where the beets are. This guest has moved some earth, I think our onion has been displaced,…


..and created a tunnel. Opening one…


… opening two.


The thoughts are, mole – nah, they don’t like veggies, groundhog – nah, they can’t climb up to the bed and they are too big for the fence, squirrels – nah, they wouldn’t dig a tunnel… So, who is this? I’m hoping it’s not a snake coz that would be the last time I ever go to the garden!!! Experts will be consulted.

May 27th

Kale was picked today. 8lbs.

IMG_3447 Delivered to Salvation Army.

Stakes were installed and maters were suckered.


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Garden notes – Week of May 14th

Today, Sunday, we  are scheduled to pick at 11:15a. However, due to the big harvest this past Wednesday, we may not have much to pick and may postpone to the coming Wednesday. Please check with us after service or drive by there to see if we are.

On Wednesday, we pick at 5:30p. Please join us for fun in the garden.

We did not pick on Sunday. Here are some pictures of spinach and a tomato plant…


…and a closer picture of the Sweet William flowers to enjoy anyway.



Checked on cabbage loopers. Found only 4 tiny ones. It is too windy to spray BT.

May 17th Planting day!!!

Rain gauge read 0 inches

We liked it so much, we decided to do it again. Today we are planting seeds of cucumbers in bed D after clearing it of the remaining spinach.


We are also planting seedlings of a “special kind” of zucchini in rows 1 and 2 of the lower bed and row 2 of the upper bed.


We picked lettuce, spinach, turnips, turnip greens, 5 tiny carrots. 11.73lbs total.



We watered the seeds, seedlings, maters, and all the flowers in the flower bed.


We sprayed the cabbages on rows 1 and 2 both in the upper and lower garden with BT as a test. This will be monitored for effectiveness. A few looper caterpillars were hand picked from the rest of the garden and the adult moths that could be caught were trapped.

The marigolds are growing!


We had a visitor to the garden today. He happened to be driving by and decided to stop and chat with us. We like visitors.

May 19th

Rain gauge read 0 inches.

Watered. By hand the carrots, beets, onions, maters and beds 1 – 4. By drip hose rows 1 – 3 and 5 for 3 hrs, row 4 for 15 min (hose is very leaky on this row), and beds A – F for 2 hours.

Sprayed all the cabbage with BT. Today there were lots of big looper caterpillars. We did not pick any by hand.




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Garden notes – Week of May 7th

This is going to be an active week for us.

Today, Sunday, we are picking starting at 11:15a

On Wednesday we will be picking, weeding and planting starting at 5:30p. We look forward to having everyone there; please join us for some garden fun.

Rain gauge read 2.2 inches

On Sunday we picked 2.02lbs of turnip greens


Thuricide is mixed and ready for action. Mixed a gallon’s worth and put some in the spray bottle. Heads up cabbage loopers!

20170507_182205 Well, the loopers get a mulligan today. There were only about 3 in the entire garden. Maybe next time.

May 9th

The back of the swing was painted for the last time before it is decorated.

A discussion of what flowers to plant to attract pollinators was had. Some of the flower plants in the flower bed were re-positioned so as not to overcrowd each other, which would cause stunted growth. The lavender  seems to be doing better in the bed than it did outside the fence.

May 10th Planting day!!!

Rain gauge read 1.6 inches


Planting tomatoes today. Better-boy and Juliet, 40 plants in total. They were planted in beds B, C, D, and E. Can you spot the seedlings in the forest of kale and onions?

Veggies from QMPC Garden 5-10-17

Picked lettuce, turnip greens, cabbages, spinach, radishes and kale. This week’s total is 32.05lbs and will be going to the Food Bank.