QMPC Community Garden

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Garden notes – Week of November 19th

On Sunday, we will pick after worship at 11:15am.

We will not pick on Wednesday. We will take this week off for Thanksgiving. Be blessed in your celebrations and think of those less fortunate.

Rain gauge read 0.1 inches

Picked collard greens and kale. Totaled 19.64 lbs.


This image is a combination of what was left after the amount for the outreach Giving Back Thanksgiving meal was cooked last week and this week’s pickings. This is all going to the Food Bank.


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Garden notes – Week of November 12th

On Sunday, we will be having our church Giving Thanks Meal, therefore we will not be gardening.

On Monday, we will be picking collard greens that will be cooked by one of our congregants to take to the Giving Back Thanksgiving Meal going to one of our outreaches, Miriam’s House.

November 13th

Rain gauge read 0.5 inches

Pulled the pepper plants and the luffa plant and put that in the compost. The Jerusalem artichoke plant is dead so we pulled it and into the compost it went. We are still yet to do the rest of the compost spread and that should be our next major project. The temps are plummeting!

Picked collards. Totaled 24.08 lbs.

November 15th

Today we go to Miriam’s House. We will be taking turkey, sides (including the garden collards) and dessert.


… after


Image may contain: plant and food

A good time was had by all.

Table is set

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Garden notes – Week of November 5th

On Sunday, we will have a garden meeting in the senior high room after worship. Among other things, we will talk about when is the best time to spread the rest of the manure in the parts of the garden that do not have it yet.

The cole crops are developing well and the peppers are still coming strong.


The meeting was had and the decision is to meet on Wednesday in the garden at 3:30p to complete the manure spread. Also, on Monday, a few of Continue reading

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Garden notes – Week of October 29th

On Sunday, we will not meet in the garden. We have picked all that can be picked and what is planted is not ready to be picked.

On Wednesday we will begin at 5:30p. We will be filling beds C, D and E as well as rows 4, 5 and 6 with manure. These areas will remain unplanted for the winter.

October 30th

Update: The lower half of the ground bed was filled on Monday. We will need to plan when to do the rest.


A beautiful view from the garden of orange, green and blue.

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Garden notes – Week of October 22nd

On Sunday, picking is at 11:15a. Rain forecast for Monday. The beans have slowed down a lot so this may be a short picking time.

On Wednesday we will begin at 5:30p. We will be pulling up the bean plants, picking all the tomatoes and pulling them and any other plants in beds C, D and E. Then fill all these areas with manure for the winter.

Rain gauge 0 inches

There were no beans to pick today. There are still some flowers on the plant but we do not think those will make it with the change in weather.

Tomato flowers also

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Garden notes – Week of October 8th

On Sunday, we will be unloading the pumpkin truck at 11:15a. The garden will be tended to after that. This also means that in about 3 weeks, we will be adding to our hay bale and pumpkin compost collection. We should prepare for that.

On Wednesday, picking and watering will be done a little earlier in the day. If you would like to join, please check here for the approximate time in the next couple of days. Update: Rain forecast for Wednesday. No picking on that day.

Rain gauge read 0.1 inches

Pumpkins are in. Unloading them from the truck.

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